Visiting Boston. Part 3

Visiting Boston. Part 3

The great thing about this post is that it contains everything you most likely haven’t even thought about when you think of exploring a new city. Dive in, because you’re in for a treat, after which you’ll be able to proudly say that you’ve seen most of what Boston has to offer.

The Donkey Show

Disco is far from dead! The destination for alternative nightlife and theatre of Harvard Square, Oberon hosts an event that transforms the cabaret-like environment into a cloud of glitter and a disco spree. Oberon itself is a part of American Repertory Theatre, an organization focused on contextualizing and pushing the boundaries of the way we understand theatre, and that says a lot about the event. The Donkey Show, inspired by none other than Shakespeare himself (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to be precise), is a night full of roller skaters, mirror balls and feathers. Now that’s a 70s disco party you’ll never forget!


You constantly find yourself jamming in the shower or singing in the car alongside that one song you’ve been in love with for years? Regardless of whether you give yourself a shot on the stage every Thursday night at your local karaoke bar or you’ve never held a microphone in your hand, Courtside is where you want to be to test your singing skills. And trust me, with a crowd as supportive as there, nothing can go wrong, even if your voice does at some point. Great mood, great drinks and great rock star dreams all come together for an evening in Boston that might make you remember just how much you’ve always wanted to be a musician!

Brattle Theatre

Who said that the films you should watch while on your trip to Boston are those of mainstream popularity and recognition? Consider spending you day or afternoon alternatively and hit this monument of a repertory theater that will leave you in awe with the cinematographic masterpieces, such as David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” in 35mm, it has to offer. No surprise that Natalie Portman chose to stage her famous Boston Calling Film Festival at the Brattle.

Sacco’s Bowl Haven

Some old-school Somerville vibe, good local beers and some fancy bowling shoes, and you’re having the time of your life! Sacco’s Bowl Haven is truly heaven for all the bowling fans as well as those simply ready to have fun! In a city crawling with bowling alleys, there is not one that has as much soul as this one. And their homemade sausage with chewy flatbread will certainly have you missing a few rounds, it’s that good.

Laugh Boston

In case the title isn’t making this evident enough, it’s all about comedy at Laugh Boston. And you will get to unleash those belly laughs with names like Jimmy O. Yang and Leslie Jones determined to make your night so good your facial muscles will be soar afterwards! Grab some friends and a taxi – you’ll need it, Laugh Boston is kind of in the middle of nowhere – it’s so worth it!

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