Visiting Boston. Part 2

Visiting Boston. Part 2

Now that you have your date set, let’s make sure you’ve got plenty of options that will keep you occupied throughout the day (and night).


Are you an art junkie and only interested in culturally significant places and galleries that exhibit works of up-and-coming Bostonian (or international) artists? Or perhaps you’re looking to spend an evening at a jazz club? On top of the major museums you will easily notice on every tourist’s brochure, Boston has a number of exquisite galleries, art centers and music venues that will blow your mind.

Copley Society of Art

A home to works of art students and famous professional artists alike, this gallery has been active since 1879. What’s so great about it is that it is a non-profit, solely focused on giving exposure and nurturing the artistic spirit of Boston. You’ll find anything that suits your fancy there, from extremely abstract and contemporary works to representatives of traditional artistic mediums and pictorial masterpieces. You can procure art while you’re there – at a reasonable price too! – and its working hours make sure the gallery is as accessible as it gets.

Gallery Naga

This 40-year old gallery is a gem of contemporary art in Boston. Interestingly, it is housed by the Back Bay’s Church of the Covenant, showing that religion and contemporary art can successfully work together to promote the cultural awareness of society even today. It is highly focused on showcasing the works of local artists – you’ll be able to discover the fascinating beauty of Peter Vanderwaker’s landscape photography there among others. Visit it, and you’ll find yourself immersed in those works for hours, because all of the exhibits at Gallery Naga are united by their exceptional aesthetic qualities and challenging concepts you cannot avoid reflecting upon.

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

As the name implies, it is an outdoor space of 30 acres focused on displaying the best and the most innovative works of sculpture. What’s great about this place is that is does not have the usual uptight feeling of a museum. In fact, it is very family-friendly and encourages the children and adults to interact with the arts by touching the works and engaging some of their qualities.


This one is for all the jazz lovers. While it is located next to a highway overpass in a hotel, once you enter, there is no lack of jazz spirit. This cabaret-style venue has only 200 seats and allows you to establish a personal connection with the art of the leading artist of night. Over time, this jazz club has had Terence Blanchard, Chick Corea and many others in its spotlight, showing that if you’re a jazz fan, this is where you need to end up at least once while in Boston.

jazz club

The Sinclair

This music venue is a must-visit for all those who find themselves touched by quality tunes. What The Sinclair perhaps lacks in atmosphere due to being a fairly new building, it certainly compensates with exceptional acoustics and a line-up of indie bands that will leave you wanting for more. If you feel like grabbing a drink, there is a craft-cocktail spot that also offers house-made pretzels, and your evening is complete.

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