Visiting Boston. Part 1

Visiting Boston. Part 1

Yes, you can always google “things to do in Boston”, but then you’d end up seeing the exact same thing as thousands of others who also happen to be travelling to Boston.

Not that there is anything wrong with that – massive tourist attractions are huge for a reason. However, many of those in love with exploring cities wish to discover the hidden gems and places frequented by locals more than the monument in the central park of a city, and that, in general, is to be celebrated. When it comes to Boston, there is no shortage of magnificent points of interest, cultural and culinary establishments, famous events, and pretty much anything else you can come up with in your mind. This should be a pretty good attempt in mapping out all you need to see in Boston, from major museums to tiny local bars.

Dates to keep in mind

Why not take advantage of something the city is offering to you? It is always wise to try and plan your trip with some major events that are taking place in the city in mind, and Boston is full of those throughout the whole year. Are you a devoted runner? Boston Marathon might be just the challenge you are looking for. If so, consider a trip to this beautiful city in April – the Boston Marathon is organized every year on the third Monday of the month. This city is crawling with visitors from all over, who are running enthusiasts, so you are likely to meet some like-minded individuals, who might also happen to be able to point you to some places only known by those who visit Boston often or live there. Are you looking to participate in one of the biggest pride parades? June is your month, because the Boston Pride Parade marches the streets every year in the beginning of June.

Not seeing anything that peaks your interest? Here are a couple of other events to keep in mind:

  • End of June-beginning of July – Harborfest. It’s an awesome 40-year old tradition of celebrating Boston’s maritime history and revolutionary spirit.
  • Mid-end of October – Head of Charles Regatta. A two-day rowing competition that has been going on since 1965 and that will surely leave you overflowing with great emotions and a wish to learn how to row.
  • Mid-March – St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Is there a better place to commemorate this day, significant to the Irish culture, than the city that was the first in North America to celebrate it back in 1737?
  • May and end of August – important day for collegegoers. Perhaps you are looking to study at one of the universities Boston is so well-known for? Or maybe your offspring is starting a new chapter of their life at one of the most renown schools in the world? Whatever the reason, this is a great time to really feel the educational spirit of Boston and find the city buzzing with student activity.
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