Restaurants You Want to Check Out in Boston

Restaurants You Want to Check Out in Boston

Boston can be proud of many things that would qualify as fine, and fine dining is one of them. Let’s make one thing clear – fine does not necessarily mean overly lavish, pretentious or exceedingly overpriced. Let’s take a look at some restaurants that are a must visit while in Boston, the reasons will be clear soon enough.

Tasting Counter

This establishment simply needs to come first on the list as it really embodies the idea of fewer rules equals better experiences. And it truly is one. From businesspeople in suits, ties or classic high heels to those wearing sneakers and their old T-shirt, you’ll find a pretty varied crowd at the counter. The tables are exactly that too – one big counter equipped to seat 20 people, all of whom are treated to Peter Ungár’s ticketed tasting menu and can observe the kitchen gurus on the other side of the counter doing their magic. It’s nowhere near the locations in Boston with enormous rent prices, and that’s always great when you want to produce something unique. And did I mention it’s actually in a warehouse that it shares with a local brewery frequented by hipsters and offices workers alike?


Admit it, if you choose going to a restaurant to be an occasion – let’s say the thing to do on a Friday evening – you probably give a sneaky look to the menu beforehand. And that’s fair, you want to make sure you know what to expect when you get there. Let me tell you that want you will get at Sarma will exceed even the highest expectations, yet you’ll only find out once you get there. They keep the element of surprise alive with their evening specials, and the waiters there are as professional as it gets. Take a pick from their regular list of Turkish or Middle Eastern meze and you’re in for a great dinner.

The Table at Season to Taste

While slightly on the higher end of things when it comes to pricing, this restaurant has a lovely, homey vibe to it, which is aided by Carl Dooley’s exceptional cooking skills. He is known for his way around the kitchen – after all, he was named the “Rising Star Chef” in 2015 – and that’s largely due to the way he understands spices – expect tastes you’ve never even imagined. It boasts an open kitchen and is can seat only twenty people at a time, making it a highly personal and intimate experience. The four-course menu will leave you at awe, and the waiters will treat you delightfully.

Café Sushi

There is no Boston restaurants’ list without at least one featuring sea food exclusively, and for that you cannot go wrong with Café Sushi. It’s been around ever since 1984 and its reputation has only grown towards the better over that time. The restaurant belongs to the chef Seizi Imura’s family and recently underwent a revamp of its interior. They have their must-try signature sashimi, nigiri, and maki, which can go a long way if paired with the right wine, and you can rest assured the waiters will help you pick the right one from the extensive list!

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