Why Should You Use Tanning Tablets Over Sunbeds

a young woman smiling with a tan

When taken some time before stepping into the sun, a tanning tablet allows your body to be able to better produce melanin. Unlike tanning beds which rely on harmful UV radiation to make the body produce melanin and make you appear darker, tanning pills stimulate the production of Tyrosine which in turn produces melanin.

Tanning pills were introduced fairly recently and studies in its use are still being conducted but Australia’s Therapeutic-Goods Administration has said the pill “is safe”. Tanning beds are the worst to use in an effort to look better. Here are some other reasons to use pills instead of tanning beds.

  1. Tanning Beds Cause Melanoma

The World-Health Organization has stated that tanning beds are just as dangerous as cigarettes and arsenic in causing cancer. UV light from tanning beds causes mutations in the body’s DNA and these mutations turn cancerous especially after repeated exposure.

This means the more you visit a tanning salon the higher your chances of getting cancer. Not all skin cancers are melanoma, but the risk of developing melanoma is 75% higher in individuals who use tanning beds.

  1. Tanning Beds Can Cause Vitamin D Toxicity

A woman who was not a big milk drinker and did not use Vitamin D supplements was diagnosed and treated for high Vitamin D levels. The woman it was discovered visited a tanning salon at least 3 times a week over a 6-month period. The UV from the tanning bed caused her bodies to produce so much Vitamin D that at this point the level was dangerously high.

This condition is called hypervitaminosis D and it can cause damage to the kidneys as well as joints and bones over time. Other symptoms associated with this are constipation, vomiting, muscle weakness, and dehydration.

  1. Tanning Beds Cause Skin Tissue Damage

Pain and red skin after being in a tanning bed indicate a degree of skin tissue damage. According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Surgeon-General, 3,200 Americans go to the Emergency room every year to treat burns and tanning bed injuries.

Not included in these statistics are all the milder burns that are ignored or treated at home since the person believes that these symptoms are normal after tanning.

Sunbeds or Tanning Tablets Verdict

As you have read, beds are very dangerous. You may end up ruining your skin trying to get that deep tan. Tanning tablets represent a safer, naturally acting alternative.

We suggest you do some research on which brand to go with. You want to buy the best tanning tablets possible to get the most positive results possible.